January 2017 monthly horoscope for Aries

January 2017 monthly horoscope for Aries

Smooth at work for the 5th if you keep your opinions to yourself. Don’t push your ideas on others during the 6th as they won’t be in the mood to listen with an open mind. If you need help getting the job done when the 7th arrives, ask and you shall receive. A productive morning for the 8th. Presentations and communication are favored for late on the 8th and for the 9th, and people are finally receptive to your ideas. When the 12th arrives, it’s full speed ahead when it comes to projects getting completed.

The 13th won’t be one of the smoothest days at work, but it should be a productive one. On the 21st, beware of a coworker that may try to stab you in the back to make themselves look good. Good news arrives during the 23rd. A slow an unproductive day for the 26th. Do your best to get through it. Trust at work may become an issue during the 27th and again on the 28th. If you want something done, you may have to do it yourself.

Travel is favored for early on the 1st. Socializing during the 4th is recommended, however, be careful that you don’t say something that you’ll regret later. A slight change in plans for the 10th. But all in all a good day awaits. Although you may want some time to relax during the 11th, get out with friends and have some fun instead. You’ll be glad that you did. Take some time out during the 15th to do a few things around the home. A new friendship awaits for the 16th. The 17th provides the perfect opportunity to clean up and organize around the home. Friends and fun combine nicely on and after the 20th. Share your thoughts with a close friend on the 22nd. You’ll feel good once you unload and share your thoughts. Avoid family members if possible during the 24th. Have a few friends to your place during the 25th. Don’t go out of your way to make an impression on a so-called friend when the 29th or the 30th arrives. You’ll only set yourself up for a disappointment. The 31st provides fun with entertaining. Plan a party or a get together at your place.

Love is in the air during the 2nd. If you haven’t already met someone to fill that void, now is the chance. If you’ve been considering renewing a relationship with an old flame, don’t do it on the 3rd. It’s out the question. Romance blossoms during the 14th. Feelings of love engulf your every thought on the 18th. Choose your words carefully when the 19th arrives. Don’t put the cart before the horse and don’t be in a hurry to make a commitment that your partner may not be ready to make. A quiet evening for two during the 23rd is recommended.

Happy New Year!